My book The Wedding Speech Handbook is nearly finished. About time too, you could say. The wonderful Jessica Bell is working on the cover design as I type. There are also cartoons by the incredibly talented David Lewis; I am amazed by how he can represent the message of several pages of text with just a few lines in a drawing.

Oh, and there are also words, written by yours truly. All of which will come together really soon, to form a book that I shall commend to your kind attention.

Watch this space, as they say.


Hello! I’m a Bristol-based septuagenarian, devoting my ‘Third Age’ to a portfolio career drawing on my personal and professional experience.

I’m a freelance nonfiction writer.  My book Back to the Black (2010 and 2015) is about a financial crisis I had and what I learned from it; and The Wedding Speech Handbook is due for publication later this year.

I am also a personal performance coachI specialise in helping people who need to perform ‘on stage’ from time to time, whether that’s a theatre stage, a conference platform or the top table at a wedding.

I’m also a speaker at corporate events, fundraisers and social functions; and a voice actor who also makes occasional forays on to screen or stage.

Finally I blog occasionally, on this site and on Huffington Post, about subjects that interest me.


A native of Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire, I spent my university years at Imperial College, London.

I then had a 25-year career in the chemical industry, eventually ending up as Managing Director of a sales and marketing company in the Swedish-owned Holmen group.

I left to set up and run a training consultancy, where I designed and delivered courses for major corporate clients in Scandinavia in business communication skills – e,g, how to deliver impactful presentations or run effective meetings, telephone skills and the like – combined with polishing English-language competence.

I then spent five years working with a major UK health charity, in fundraising and in media relations.

Nowadays I live in the great city of Bristol, in the West of England, avoiding retirement (I prefer the word ‘reinvention’) and working on a variety of projects.