Who should read ‘Back to the Black’

Do you have a debt problem? Are you struggling to meet even the minimum monthly payments on your credit cards? Are you getting frequent repayment demands?

There are many possible solutions but there are some key questions too:
• Can you, could you, pay it all? Could you find additional income or (more likely) cut your expenditure, so as to be able to repay all your debts in a reasonable (i.e. acceptable to your creditors) time?
• Do you want the decisions taken out of your hands? For instance, are you prepared to go bankrupt? Do you know what that entails; what are the advantages and disadvantages?
• Are you considering one of the widely advertised IVAs, (Individual Voluntary Arrangements), sometimes called ‘bankruptcy lite’?
However, there is another way. Compared with bankruptcy or an IVA, it’s a way that leaves you in greater control of your life and your finances. You can learn from the experience of an author who was in the same situation and found that other way. You can learn the key questions that will enable you to decide whether it’s a solution that would work for you.

Download “Back to the Black” and you’ll get the strategies and the tactics for handling the stress and dealing with those demands while you formulate your plan. Plus lots of case studies; a comprehensive list of organisations that provide free support; and templates for letters to creditors.

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