Jenny Hammerton, London

I’ve started reading it Michael and it is GREAT!  I’ve been meaning to tackle my debt for many, many years and now it is time.I got paid this week and received a nice bonus.  I also paid in a cheque that I was owed for some freelance work.  Despite the monthly salary and some extra I am STILL in the red.  This has got to change.  Time to stop living beyond my means.I loved your case studies.  They made me think, “there but for the grace of God go I”.  My situation is not as bad as most of your examples.  I have a steady (and fairly stable) job however, there are several reasons why I am getting deeper in debt every month and I am going to address them once and for all.

I am setting a goal of being debt free by the time I am 50.  Although that sounds pretty crazy I think it is do-able.  You are absolutely right that the first step is actually sitting down and getting all the information together about how much is owed and thinking about how to tackle it.

I have never thought about my bank being a creditor before but of course in a way they are.  When I actually looked at the figures yesterday I realised that I was close to reaching my limit on both bank account and credit card.  I have to manage my OWN money.

I’m working my way through your book and will let you know how I got on but just wanted to let you know that 24 hours in I am already feeling EMPOWERED to do it.  To get myself back to the black.

Have you thought about setting up a “Back to the Black Club”?!!!!!