Len Warwick CBE, Cheltenham

“The banking crisis ensured that money would grab most of the headlines around the world in recent times. People are, of course, affected by the actions or non-actions of politicians and regulators but also by poor decisions in the management of financial institutions. They are affected by job security, property values, investment returns, and business trends. Individuals may themselves make poor financial decisions. They may not control their own financial present and future.

“Michael MacMahon’s “Back to the Black” is written by someone who has been there and got the T-shirt. His philosophy is not to look to blame but to emphasise the importance of taking charge. For those who want to learn how to manage their own budgets, or who are fearful they are not doing so, this is a must-read. Michael does not claim to have all the answers but he believes that most of the answers lie within our control.”