Patsy Bevan, Newquay, Cornwall

I first met Michael my life coach (although we did not know it then) at a two day seminar hosted by the Coaching Academy in Bristol, when I was considering becoming a life coach. We exchanged our email addresses and I am so glad we did.

Due to a promotion at work I decided I did not have the time to commit to life coaching yet in my career but after meeting with Michael I was overwhelmed by his ability to listen and empathise with my life story, so a few months later I decided to contact him regarding some help and advice in writing  my memoir.

That was when he informed me that he was considering taking up the coaching course with the Coaching Academy and could offer me six free sessions as part of his training.

I was over the moon and our journey started just over three months ago and I am truly amazed as to what we’ve managed to achieve in just six sessions of coaching with Michael.

Our sessions were very informative with clear achievable goal setting between us, it has enabled me to focus on my future and empower me to achieve my dreams.

The coaching sessions with Michael not only increased my desire to self-write and publish my memoir but it has also helped me in so many other unexpected areas of my life., inspiring me to overcome the nerves of public speaking and give me the knowledge to support my colleagues with the importance of setting  for goals themselves.

At the end of each session Michael would encourage me to rate my confidence in achieving my set goals from 1 to 10 and I feel this increased my desire to complete each goal I set myself.

So……… on a scale of 1 to 10 how would I rate Michael as my life coach ?  he would definitely  be a fantastic 10.

 I feel Michael has helped me unlock my potential to maximise my own performance not only in my personal life goals but at work too.

Michael has been a great life coach and has become a good friend.

Patsy Bevan

Future Author and Public Speaker etc etc the list hopefully goes on and on.

Thank You Michael.