Richard Clayton, Birmingham

May I say a big thank you for your time this morning and an excellent presentation. It was most appreciated and added value for those who attended. The feedback I’ve had was more than positive.

Thank you and thanks to Nick Thomas for recommending you and bringing you along.

Peter Thomas Hansen, Norway

I remember very well … your presentation at the Wisehouse Opening Conference. It was very well prepared, planned to detail, holding in mind what the audience needed to hear … finally (it) was very well delivered right on time.

Jenny Layton, Devon

…an effervescent personality… sparkling and spontaneous wit…ability to ad-lib. Plus the ability to put people at their ease…to tailor his material to the audience. His natural optimism… bubbles over into speech. Always seems relaxed when speaking and that relaxes the audience…a most engaging personality, which many possess but few can project when they speak in public.

Erle Bryn, Norway

…so positive… attitude that shines through and inspires the audience. A great voice and lots of it… he doesn’t really need a PA system. He’s what I’d call verbally creative…loves interacting with an audience.

Tricia Murphy, North Somerset

Thank you once again for your meticulous preparation of your speech and for the professionalism with which it was delivered. … very pleased with the evening and have only heard words of praise from those who went … your contribution to the success of the event was immense.

Matt Ashley, Bristol

Michael gave us a great talk on the skills for preparing for and delivering public speaking effectively. He is an engaging, interesting and highly relevant speaker. He took the time to meet us first and find out about his audience and our requirements for his talk. He certainly practises what he preaches!