Write a Powerful Wedding Speech

What is it?

A new mentoring programme for anyone who needs help planning and structuring a wedding speech. A combination of one-on-one consultations and email exchanges to nail the content of your speech.

Who is it for?

Anybody who is going to speak at a wedding in the next year or so.

(‘It’s never too early to start planning your wedding speech.’)

Why might you need it?

Speaking in public is the #1 phobia for most people; it’s said many people fear it more than death. A wedding adds an extra level of stress, because it matters. It’s personal, emotional, it’s a one-off.

How I deliver it

Firstly, I send you a template to show the key elements your speech needs, tailored to your role in the wedding, together with a copy of my book The Wedding Speech Handbook. Then we have two one-on-one consultations. Face-to-face in a location of your choice if you live in Bristol, alternatively by Skype. Then we have one or more email exchanges, during which I critique your draft speech.

At the end you have a finished speech that you can take away.

I will start working with you as soon as you book on the programme; and my input will begin to reduce that stress immediately. When you have the content nailed at the end of the programme, that will do wonders for your confidence levels about your speech.

Who am I?

I’m Michael J MacMahon, a coach and author of ‘The Wedding Speech Handbook: how to make a great speech on the day it matters most.’ I’ve been speaking on conference platforms, and then training and coaching speakers, for 40-plus years. Nowadays, I specialise in helping wedding speakers. Especially Fathers of Brides, because I fulfilled that role myself only recently.


The investment for ‘Write a Powerful Wedding Speech’ is usually £297.

But for the first five people who join the programme and are willing to share their experience as a Success Study (anonymously if preferred), I am offering a reduced fee of just £197.

You will also get my personal cheat-sheet, ensuring that you nail the delivery as well as the content.


I also offer coaching on the delivery of the speech, with lots of further one-on-one input.


If for any reason after completing my programme you don’t feel you got value from it, I’ll refund your investment immediately and without quibble.

Want to know more?

Message me: mail@michaelmacmahon.com  or 07905 138701

                                                                                             Michael J MacMahon

                                                                                      The Wedding Speech Man