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It is now available from this site too, in .pdf format. This version includes a simple table to calculate discretionary income, i.e. the amount of income that’s available to pay down debt.

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“Back to the Black: how to become debt-free and stay that way” is based on the personal debt recovery experiences of the author. Moreover it utilizes his experience of coaching and debt counselling to propose a structured approach to the problem. This approach reduces the inevitable stress of the situation and makes it easier to get back to the black.

“Back To The Black: how to become debt-free and stay that way” is a new book about dealing with debt. It is a manual for the ever-increasing number of people facing debt problems.

The book’s author was unable to clear his debts in full and in a timely fashion and was advised to file for bankruptcy. However, he found that there was another way. His aim is to help you do the same.

“Back to the Black” analyses the author’s personal experience of near-bankruptcy and presents a structured approach to managing debt, derived from his subsequent work as a coach. The book sets out the lessons he learned the hard way, to help you out of the debt trap

”Back to the Black” is for anyone whose debts have reached, or might soon reach, crisis proportions. Reading it will help you to …

  • Look at your debt problem in the same way a coach or counsellor would.
  • Learn the three main strategies to become debt-free.
  • Learn many tactics for handling stress, formulating a plan, negotiating with creditors and much more.


Consumer debt has spiralled in recent years. Average household debt in the UK is approximately £58,000 ($87,000) and total UK consumer debt is £1.46 trillion ($2.19 trillion). To put it in perspective, that’s slightly more than the UK’s total income (GDP), which was £1.4 trillion ($2.1 trillion) in 2009.

According to the website of Credit Action: Individuals owe more than what the whole country produces in a year.

So what does this mean at a personal level? For anyone whose debt situation is out of control it is a major source of stress and could have disastrous and long-lasting practical consequences.

This book will help you:-

  • Come to terms with how you got into debt
  • Learn how to minimise the stress of debt
  • Plan and manage your own way out of debt.

A “resources” section includes:-

  • Masses of sources of free advice;
  • Templates for letters to creditors, which can be customised to fit any personal situation.
  • A simple table to enable you to calculate your discretionary income, i.e. what’s left either for “discretionary” spending or to pay down debt.

There are also many real-life case studies of others who got into severe debt problems.

The geographic scope of the book

The techniques for dealing with debt are universal. However, the book was written in the UK, so there is an unavoidable UK bias. Approximate US dollar equivalents of monetary figures are given wherever appropriate.


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