UK Personal Debt Statistics: March 2012

I receive a monthly e-mail from Credit Action, listing the latest statistics on UK personal debt. Here are the headlines from today’s e-mail:
  • Outstanding  personal  debt  stood  at  £1.456  trillion  at  the  end  of  January  2012.
  • This  is  up  from  £1.452  trillion  at  the  end  of  January  2011.   Individuals  owed  nearly  as  much  as  the  entire  country  produced  during   the  whole  of  2011.
  • Outstanding  secured  (mortgage)  lending  stood  at  £1.248  trillion  at  the  end  of  January  2012. This  is  up  from  £1.240  trillion  at  the  end  of  January  2011.
  •  Outstanding  unsecured  (consumer  credit)  lending  stood  at  £207  billion  at  the end of January 2012. This  is  down  from  £212  billion  at  the  end  of  January  2011. 
  • Average   household   debt   in   the   UK   (excluding   mortgages)   was   £7,975   in January. This  is  up  from  a  revised  £7,951  in  December.
  • Average  household  debt  in  the  UK  (including  mortgages)  was  £55,988  in January. This  is  up  from  a  revised  £55,843  in  December.
  • The  average  amount  owed  per  UK  adult  (including  mortgages)  was  £29,634  in January. This  was  around  122%  of  average  earnings.
(Source: Credit Action)
For further data from Credit Action, click HERE

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