This is our first guest blog. It’s from Miss Silver Screen Suppers, who lives in London  (details below) and it’s wonderful!



Payday arrived.  I was getting a big fat bonus and had promised myself that I’d give myself a treat – the new Ottolenghi cookbook.  I checked my statement after my salary including bonus had cleared.  I was £27 in credit, the cookbook from Waterstones was £27.  Magic.  My current account started the financial month at ground zero.

 A few days later I got a letter to say that my rent was going up by £87 a month.  Holy Hannah.  Every month I get deeper and deeper in debt so how on earth am I going to find £87 a month more?  I guess there are two ways:

 1 – try to bring in some extra dough.

2 – try to economise.

I have ordered a copy of Michael’s book from Amazon and I hereby pledge to follow EVERY piece of his advice and report how I am doing once a month.  I have been living beyond my means for many, many years.  Time to wise up.

So here is where I am at on the beginning of this journey.

My debts total £6505.99 (my credit card bill plus the amount I was overdrawn when my salary went in) and I am aiming to reduce this debt slowly but surely every month.

My aims for March.

1 – stop drinking alone – this is going to save me a fortune!

2 – start listing things on ebay – I am going to try and make £100 this month.

3 – try and cancel my 12 month eharmony membership – all the men I am being matched with are BONKERS and this is costing me £40 a month.

Will report back!

Miss Silver Screen Suppers –



Many thanks to our guest blogger for her honesty. This post is written with the humour that’s so characteristic of her “Silver Screen Suppers” blog.

Watch this space for monthly updates!



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