The Kindle edition of my book “Back to the Black: how to become debt-free and stay that way” will be on free promo from Thurs 22 May to Mon 26 May inclusive.

To download it free during that period, you don’t even need a Kindle; just download Amazon’s “Kindle for PC” software (they have one for Apple devices too), which is also free, and you can download and read it on your computer or whatever.

When I say “whatever”, I include smartphones of course. I’d never try to read a book on my phone; but I once had a small part in Richard III and the actor  playing Richard (the fantastic Rob Benson) was almost word-perfect at the first rehearsal. How did he do that? He’d downloaded the WHOLE play onto his Blackberry and had spent the previous two months reading it everywhere he went. That’s how I know that some people do that stuff.

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