Speak Easy in Bristol This November

Imagine being able to stand up in front of an audience and say what you want to say in an authentic way.

Have you got an event coming up – a wedding, a family or business Christmas party – when you might be asked to ‘say a few words’?

Would you like to know that despite any butterflies you might feel, you’ll give of your best?


Do you feel really nervous if asked to address a group?

Whether it’s work-related, or social? Do you fear what people will think of you? (That’s normal: it’s a fear felt by 75% of the population).

Or are you just worried that people won’t see you at your best?

If you’ve been to public speaking training before, did you find it formal or prescriptive?

Did that make it easier, or add to your stress?

Then come to SPEAK EASY, where we’ll make it fun.

Your Host for the night:

Michael J MacMahon – Public Speaking Coach and Radio Host

I’m Michael J MacMahon,

a public speaking coach, speaker, actor and author of ‘The Wedding Speech Handbook’.

I first started speaking in public during a 20 year career in management. Part of my job was to deliver speeches at countless conferences.

Following this I went on to found and run a presentation skills training business, combined with English for clients in Scandinavia. I also qualified as a coach and TEFL teacher.

So far, I’ve now been speaking in public, and training and coaching speakers, for over 40-odd years.

I found that there is nothing that satisfies me more than helping people to get over their anxieties around speaking in public.

My clients seem to like what I do too, judging by the things they say:

  • “I can’t recommend Michael MacMahon highly enough. Before speaking with him, I didn’t think I would ever be able to tame my anxiety enough to step onto that stage. But his words of wisdom did. And now, something I greatly feared and avoided at all costs has become something I embrace.” (Jessica Bell, singer, author and speaker. Athens, Greece.)
  • “If you need to give the most important speech of your life and need guidance and structure, then Michael MacMahon is the man who can allow you to deliver what you have hoped for. My speech was as ‘The Father of the Bride’. To say I was nervous and out of my depth is a serious understatement. Michael helped me construct and flow the words; and then gave me tuition and tools to allow me to deliver confidently; and then the reward, having my daughter show how happy and proud she was of me and what was said.” (Tom Walker, business owner. North Somerset)
  • “Michael MacMahon’s lightly-worn wisdom and unflappably clear thinking have been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement.” (Pete Judge, musician. Bristol)


SPEAK EASY is a series of two-hour mini-workshops designed to beat your fear of public speaking.

We’ll use a variety of ways for you to practise getting up on your feet and talking for a few minutes on topics you know, or simply reading on topics you don’t know.

It’s as interactive as you want it to be: if you simply want to observe at first, that’s fine. It’s a safe space to develop these skills, with no video recording.

My goal is for you to think of public speaking – ‘the #1 phobia for 75% of the population’ – as an opportunity, not a problem.

And I’ll be helping and encouraging you all the way.

You will:

  • Learn how to ‘cut and paste’ confidence from a totally different area of your life where nerves are never an issue.
  • Meet other people who’re on the same path as you and want to develop themselves and get better at public speaking.
  • It’s in a pub. So if you need a little Dutch courage beforehand (that’s natural enough), or in the break, it’s available.
  • If you book seven days before, you can bring someone else for free.

Not sure it’s worth it? SPEAK EASY costs the same as just a few drinks.

What you’ll leave with:

The confidence to grasp every opportunity to speak, whether to put your point of view across or simply to propose a vote of thanks or a toast: priceless.



Admission on the door: £25.

Online booking: £18. Or book seven days in advance and bring someone else free: that’s just £9 each!

Admission includes a copy of my cheat-sheet on controlling speaking nerves.

Ffi: or 0117 973 8420 / 07905 138701 or mail@michaelmacmahon.com

Tickets available at: bit.ly/speakeasybristol

Please note: This will be the only SPEAK EASY event before Christmas, which is a peak time for speaking opportunities.

BOOK NOW, save £7 off entry on the night & beat your fear of public speaking FOREVER.


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