(Another guest post from Ms Silver Screen Suppers*)

I am not a very well groomed woman.  I rarely paint my nails for example but somehow or another I seem to have accumulated over 40 bottles of nail varnish.  This is a tangible example of the fact that I am a total impulse-buy junkie.  I must stop being such a spendthrift.

This month has been all about fact finding and I have given myself quite a scare over the state of my finances. Michael’s book arrived in the nick of time and it has given me faith that I can tackle things head on rather than continuing to live beyond my means and get deeper and deeper in debt.  I am ON IT.

As Michael suggests in his book I sat myself down and worked out the extent of what I owe and decided on my goal.  I am going to try and reduce my debt by 50% by the end of 2013.  This will involve me doing two main things:

1 – Living within my means – using my salary to cover my living expenses and not overspending.

2 – Bringing in some extra money to pay down the credit card and overdraft debt.

I made myself a little spreadsheet showing everything I spend monthly on rent / bills / travel and things that are “must do” items.  When I subtract these from my salary I am left with £550.  So weekly that’s only £126.  Gadzooks – this isn’t much for a clothes-horse like myself who likes pretty things to wear and nice food and drink…

It has shown me that there is no way I can put my head in the sand over my impending rent rise of £87.  If I just carry on regardless, spending willy nilly and having a fine old time that would leave me with £39 a week to live on.  Impossible.

My debt is going to grow and grow unless I take massive action right now.  I need to bring some money in, fast.  I also need to cut back on my spending somewhere.  As I seem to be spending over £100 a week on groceries this is the place I am targeting first.  There are about 1500 pasta shells in my food cupboard so I am going to use up the cheap staples that are stockpiled – pasta, rice, bulgar wheat and some strange green stuff called freekeh.  I’m going to get organised about taking lunch to work so I’m not spending a fiver on something that would cost me a pound to make myself.  I’m going to stop buying so much booze, and I decided last month not to drink at home on my own. (see note ** below)

I will need to bring in at least £87 a month to even maintain the status quo once the rent goes up in May.  Ebay here I come – I am planning a blitz.

Luckily this month has been a bountiful month.  My figures will be skewed as I got a a bonus from work and some money for DJing but I’m pleased to see that my overdraft and credit card debt has gone down by £1,398 to £5,107.  Not really of my doing, but the next month is the NEW FRUGALITY!

Aims for next month are:

1 – Start ebaying with a view to making at least £100 a month.

2 – Reduce groceries bill.

3 – Work through all the fact finding and goal setting steps in Back to The Black chapters 1-4.

4 – Paint my nails once a week to whittle down the nail varnish mountain.

Signing off now!

Ms Silver Screen Suppers


Editor’s notes:

* Many thanks to Ms Silver Screen Suppers for being so open in her posts. We’re very grateful for this.

** Our guest blogger’s resolution to avoid drinking at home – see last month’s guest post – reminds me of the old joke. “My doctor has told me to stop having intimate dinners for four, unless there are three other people present.”)


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